Network of Homebased Workers
in South Asia

Who are Homebased Workers ?

Adopted by HomeNet South Asia

Homebased workers are:

Own-account workers, and contributing family workers helping the own-account workers, involved in the production of goods and services for the market, in their homes or in nearby areas; and
workers carrying out work in their homes or nearby areas for remuneration, resulting in a product or service as specified by the employer(s), irrespective of who provides the equipment, materials or other inputs used; and those contributing family workers helping such workers.
'Home', referred to above, is defined as (i) living place and/or (ii) structure attached to living place and/or (iii) open area / detached structure adjacent to the living place.

(As approved by the Board of Trustees on 05.09.2014)


The structure of an organization or a network depends on what it’s purpose and strategies are.

Vision Statement

HomeNets in South Asia envisions a scenario in which Homebased Workers are visible, protected, promoted, empowered ..

Newsletter,Issue 1