Network of Homebased Workers
in South Asia

Organizing, Capacity & Connectivity

Organizing, Capacity & Connectivity:

The priority has been given to the organising and forming MBOs of homebased workers with capacity building programmes. It is prioritized to empower homebased workers to voice their issues and demand for their rights. As a collective, they can gather strengthen to interact with concerned authorities like Civic Authorities, Social security department to get the benefits of schemes and programmes as their rights to acquire. At Policy level, inclusion of homebased workers in official statistics is given the priority for visibility and Skill enhancement trainings for regular work, better livelihood, and access to market

HNSA has been organizing homebased workers, mapping their organizations in South Asia, and strengthening their groups, organizations and networks. It has been facilitating the formation of new organizations of homebased workers, particularly as membership-based organizations (MBOs) in which the homebased workers run their own organizations.

  • HNSA has identified around 1, 29,640 HBWs and organized 53,287 HBWs into 825 groups.
  • HNSA has adopted a new structure wherein NGOs, MBOs and CHNs can directly become members of HNSA. Today HNSA has 49 members from all SAARC countries
  • HomeNet South Asia has trained around 94 homebased worker leaders on MBO Philosophy



(As approved by the Board of Trustees on 05.09.2014)


The structure of an organization or a network depends on what it’s purpose and strategies are.

Vision Statement

HomeNets in South Asia envisions a scenario in which Homebased Workers are visible, protected, promoted, empowered ..

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