Network of Homebased Workers
in South Asia

Increased livelihood Programme

Increased livelihood Programme:

Homebased workers need access to skill development, design, and market information. Through their networks and affiliated professional marketing organizations, they can update designs and techniques and, depending on the product, sell locally, nationally or internationally.

With the initiative of SABAH Project (SAARC Business Association of Homebased Workers) in seven SAARC countries, thousands of women have been impacted in their own countries and also, the initiative has helped in bringing together women homebased workers in building peace and co-operation within the SAARC region.’

  • Through its Livelihood Initiative, HNSA has been able to reach 15,532 homebased workers, has provided training for 9,492 homebased workers, and has directly contributed to regular work for 7,510 homebased workers



(As approved by the Board of Trustees on 05.09.2014)


The structure of an organization or a network depends on what it’s purpose and strategies are.

Vision Statement

HomeNets in South Asia envisions a scenario in which Homebased Workers are visible, protected, promoted, empowered ..

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