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Photo Gallery

A picture is worth 1000 words. 

We are glad to present the Photo Gallery of HomeNet South Asia. Member Country HomeNets, HNSA Staff, partners, Consultants, Members of HNSA Network have extended their support in contributing to this Photo Gallery.

This Gallery tries to share with the larger society (which is mostly unaware of) the poor Living and Working Conditions of Homebased Workers. It also shows how Homebased workers have to work with outdated technology, old and broken tools and equipments. Their HOME is their WORK PLACE. They live in very congested localities, small houses and unhygienic conditions. Within their house too, they have very less storage space for raw materials and finished products. Moreover the air and light ventilation is also very poor. They suffer lot of health problems because they work for very long working hours under such conditions.

But the irony is that when we see the products that are made by these homebased workers, very few people realize the conditions these homebased workers work in and the daily efforts and struggles they face to earn their livelihoods. 

We are looking forward to add more and more photographs of Homebased workers and their products with the intention to give more visibility and recognition to these Homebased workers and their work.

Such beautiful products and detailed work done with perfection needs to be recognized admired. 

Homebased Workers


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Vision Statement

HomeNets in South Asia envisions a scenario in which Homebased Workers are visible, protected, promoted, empowered ..

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