Network of Homebased Workers
in South Asia

Advocacy Efforts and Social Protection for Homebased Workers

The growing unemployment in the countries of South Asia and lack of employment opportunities in the organized sector has been unable to provide jobs to large numbers of persons who join the labour force each year. The Homebased sector is one such segment of the informal sector which has the capacity to absorb a large number of job seekers. Homebased work provides a significant component of all national economic systems, and it is therefore necessary to have a policy dealing with the basic issues related to the operation and future growth of homebased work. Although homebased worker’s contribution to the economy is immense, HBWs as a workforce, remain largely invisible and unrecognized. They are amongst the poorest, the most exploited and vulnerable segment of workers today, excluded from the benefits of growth and unprotected by policies or laws. 

This programme focuses to assist the national HomeNets in strengthening their advocacy efforts for a National Policy on Homebased workers in India, Nepal and Pakistan. In Madhya Pradesh, India, it focuses on social protection and developing linkages for HBWs with government schemes. The Capacity of HBWs would be built on micro insurance and micro finance, which would also lead to a further process of organizing HBWs in the State.


The Project Objectives are :-


Progress toward a national policy for homebased workers in three South Asian countries, and
Introducing micro finance and micro insurance tied to social protection for homebased workers in one South Asian country.

(As approved by the Board of Trustees on 05.09.2014)


The structure of an organization or a network depends on what it’s purpose and strategies are.

Vision Statement

HomeNets in South Asia envisions a scenario in which Homebased Workers are visible, protected, promoted, empowered ..

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