Network of Homebased Workers
in South Asia

Movement of Home Based Workers in South Asia

HomeNet South Asia is a network organisation of women homebased workers promoted by UNIFEM and SEWA. It was set up after the Kathmandu Declaration , formulated in an international conference convened in Nepal in year 2000. The formal launching of HomeNet South Asia was held on January 17, 2007 in the Conference “Women Work & Poverty Policy Conference on Home Based Workers of South Asia” which was inaugurated by Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh.

Facts & Figures

Global Scenario
A survey in seven countries revealed that Homebased workers represent between 10 and 25 per cent of the non-agricultural workforce ...

Who are Home Based Workers

Homebased workers are:
Own-account workers, and contributing family workers helping the own-account workers, involved in the production of goods and services for the market, ...

Inclusive Cities- Programme Planning Meeting

A Planning Meeting under "Inclusive Cities Programme " will be organized by Homenet South Asia in collaboration with Jantakshan at Hotel Global Towers, Colombo(Sri Lanka) from 9th -12th December,2013. There will be around 40 participants including Executive Directors / Focal Persons, Programme Managers and Accounts Managers from 8 South and South East Asian Countries (India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Philippines and Cambodia) .

The Planning Meeting aims to discuss the areas of emphasis further coming year and alpo previous year's recap including achievements, challenges and lesson learnt.

Day 1; each of the countries will present the progress made under programme in the last year. And share the status of the project; achievements and Challenges faced under the programme.

Day 2; each organization will prepare the work plan and budgets for the next year in line with the milestones committed and areas of emphasis for the next year in the programme.

Day 3 & 4:- will focus on the Country work plan and budget presentations

At the end of the workshop each of the partner organizations from all countries under this programme will have prepared their concrete work plan and budget for the coming years with the expected outcome and results to achieve the milestones of the programme.

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Methodology Workshop for this Research Project " Risk and Vulnerability of Homebased Workers in South Asia

In addition to the above, HomeNet South Asia is going to update the Social Protection Study conducted for Homebased Workers by ISST in 2006. For the same, Methodology Workshop for this Research Project " Risk and Vulnerability of Homebased Workers in South Asia" is being organized on 13th -14th December,2013 to discuss and finalize the methodology for the project. The workshop will be attended by all Country Partners, HomeNet South Asia and Advisors to the project.

The research would mainly focus on the Social Protection needs of the homebased workers in urban areas of south asia. The aim of the methodology workshop is to develop common methodology that will be applicable in all the countries to update the study.

Please view the agenda here


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In 2000, on 20th October Kathmandu Declaration was passed on Homebased Workers. To mark the day as a significant day for homebased workers, 20th October was marked as "HOMEBASED WORKERS' DAY" by HomeNet South Asia in December 2010.

Since then, HomeNet South Asia along with its partners has been celebrating "HOMEBASED WORKERS' DAY" by organizing various rallies, seminars, conferences, etc in SAARC countries. This year (2013), HNSA Partners observed "HOMEBASED WORKERS' DAY" on 20th October

For Exposure Programme, they will learn about addressing the civic amenities and infrastructure issues through formation of Community Based Organisations. The groups in their cities are facing housing, electricity, water connection issue, solid waste management, basic health services and sanitation. This exposure would expose them towards CBO functioning and Public Private Partnership model.


in Pakistan organized "National Convention on Homebased Workers "stressing upon the legal recognition of "Homebased Workers' (HBWs) as "Labour".

National Convention on Homebased Workers on 26th October,2013:-

Union Leaders Strength and Solidarity of Women Homebased Workers in National Convention in Pakistan


organized a press conference on Homebased Workers demanding for adoption of Provincial Policy.

General Secretary of Homebased Women Workers' Federation( HBWWF) -Ms Zehra Akbar Khan (third from Left) demanded for Adoption of Provincial Policy on Homebased Workers in Press Conference" in Karachi saying that there are more than 12.5million homebased workers in Pakistan, 80% of them women, are deprived of their due rights, braving cruel exploitation to mark the Homebased Workers' Day


in Nepal organized a National Conference to get commitment from Trade Unions and other concerned stakeholders to work towards the Ratification of C-177

Mr. Shankar Lamichhane- President of Class Nepal addressing the Interaction Program at Kathmandu

Homebased Workers and Participants at Interaction Program in Jhapa, Nepal to celebrate the Homebased Workers' Day.

Ms. Bindu Shrestha, President of Nepal Homebased Workers' Union addressing the Interaction Program at Kathmandu

Mr. Jay Kumar Sharma, Officer of Central Bureau of Statistics: Highlighting the importance of Statistics of Homebased Workers in Nepal.

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Message from Enforcer- HomeNet South Asia


Shri Renana Jhabvala

Received India Today Woman in Public Service award organised by India Today Woman's summit and Award 2013

Vision Statement

HomeNets in South Asia envisions a scenario in which Homebased Workers are visible, protected, promoted, empowered ..